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Teach English in Europe for the Summer


Teach English in Europe for the Summer :

I have spent summers in northern Europe. The weather tends to be fair. The days seem to be longer, and the people are friendly. There are great cultural events to enjoy and plenty of time for sight-seeing. For university students, the summer may be the ideal time to travel, teach and experience culture. By the end of the summer, students are ready to return to graduate school or further education. They have a wider breadth of knowledge. They have greater experience and exposure to culture. Some have even found the love of their life. However, as all things worth doing, it is not always easily done. If one plans to teach in Europe for the summer, it is best to seek assistance from a reputable TESOL/TEFL program. It is also always best to start planning early. Places to find the greatest number of teaching opportunities in Europe over a summer are Spain, Italy and Germany. There are some opportunities in France and the United Kingdom but they are limited. Positions are available in summer schools and summer camps. Administrators fervently seek teachers in January and February. By the end of March, they have usually interviewed prospects and contracted with teachers for the summer. So, if you are a university student and come to the realization that you want to teach in Europe in early May, there is little chance of finding a job. The key word is little. As incredible as it may seem, we have been able to place people who were ready to teach in May and even early June. Be warned, this is not for the faint of heart. Early applicants would apply by mid-March. They would be invited for a phone or Skype interview and once accepted, they would sign a contract. Depending on the terms of the contract, they would make appropriate travel and housing preparations.

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